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Dr. Jayson Dool, along with his team at Dool Plastic Surgery, offers a professional and confidential environment for patients seeking chest masculinization for FTM surgery in New Brunswick. In addition to devoting himself to the training and specialization necessary for the medical side of the female-to-male transitional procedure known as top surgery, Dr. Dool has played an active role in formalizing the process with New Brunswick Medicare to have chest masculinization covered. He also continues working toward future programs that make gender transition surgery—specifically FTM surgery via chest masculinization—a more accessible process.

Simply put, top surgery typically involves the removal of breasts via a FTM mastectomy procedure, coupled with nipple resizing and repositioning, to create more masculine contours. It is not necessary to be on hormone therapy prior to transgender breast removal, though more defined pectoralis muscles from testosterone and/or chest exercises can help to better emphasize the FTM surgery results.

Take this step on your FTM transgender journey today. Call Dool Plastic Surgery in Moncton, NB, for FTM surgery with chest masculinization in New Brunswick at 506-382-3665. You can also send a message online.

What Is FTM Surgery: Chest Masculinization?

Simply put, top surgery typically involves the removal of breasts via a FTM mastectomy procedure. Dr. Dool specializes in female-to-male transitions, with top surgery as a common choice for transgender patients. It is referred to as FTM chest masculinization for the way it creates a more traditionally male look: a flatter chest with more muscle definition, smaller nipples, and other subtle anatomical signals.

This procedure is a cosmetic one, and may or may not involve patients taking hormones as well. While a significant amount of skin, fatty tissue, glands, vessels, and more are taken during chest masculinization for FTM surgery, not all breast tissue is removed during the surgery.

It is also entirely separate from genital surgery, which is not available from Dr. Dool—or in New Brunswick at all—but can be performed at facilities elsewhere in Canada as approved by New Brunswick Medicare.

What Does Dr. Dool Offer for FTM Surgery in New Brunswick?

Though the basics of top surgery are the same no matter the method—removing breast tissue and addressing nipple size and position—there are certain techniques that are better suited for specific anatomies. Dr. Dool will discuss the FTM surgery options during a consultation, guiding each patient toward the ideal chest masculinization surgery procedure based on existing breast size, skin elasticity, and more.

Peri-Areolar or Keyhole Mastectomy FTM Surgery

The peri-areolar or keyhole mastectomy FTM surgery is typically best when dealing with small breasts. Dr. Dool will make two circular incisions around the areolas, then remove breast tissue and the tissue between the two incisions. Following this, the nipples and areolas may be resized. Next, the chest skin will be pulled together toward the newly reduced areolas.

This FTM surgery is similar to the inverted-T, with a result that allows patients to retain sensation in the area and keep the areola and nipple—they are just resized and repositioned.

Double Cut Mastectomy With Nipple Graft FTM Surgery

This FTM surgery is for female-to-male patients who come into the procedure with larger breasts. Dr. Dool will make the necessary incisions horizontally from the top and bottom of the chest muscles, moving through the breast tissue. Unlike the keyhole FTM surgery procedure, this surgery involves removal of the nipple and areola. The resulting scar line runs under the pectoral muscles, where it is less noticeable.

With the breast tissue removed, Dr. Dool will then create smaller nipples and areolas out of donor tissue, then graft them into the appropriate positions on the more masculine chest.

How Can I Get Chest Masculinization in Moncton, NB?

Candidates for chest masculinization for FTM surgery in New Brunswick can be assessed for clinical eligibility according to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). The process involves a psychiatric assessment and significant medical management prior to FTM chest masculinization approval.

WPATH has four primary criteria that must be met by successful FTM surgery candidates who want chest masculinization:

  • gender dysphoria that is persistent and well documented
  • an ability to consent for treatment after becoming fully informed
  • a minimum age requirement
  • properly controlled medical or mental health concerns, as necessary

These standards are considered guidelines, and are not legally or medically binding.

This FTM surgery recommendation process can be coordinated by a family physician or nurse practitioner. With recommendations from both a physician and New Brunswick Medicare, an FTM chest masculinization patient will then coordinate with a larger team to create a gender transition plan, which may or may not also include hormone therapy. Note that a mental health professional can help patients navigate the process for those who do not have a primary health care provider.

Patients from Charlottown and elsewhere in PEI or provinces outside of New Brunswick will have to discuss alternate payment arrangements with Dr. Dool for FTM surgery.

How Much Does Chest Masculinization for FTM Surgery Cost in New Brunswick?

Each FTM mastectomy surgery is unique and therefore comes with its own cost based on a number of patient-specific variables.

New Brunswick Medicare will cover a portion of a gender dysphoria patient's medically necessary transgender surgery, assuming the patient is a New Brunswick resident and meets the established criteria. Chest masculinization with mastectomy is covered as FTM surgery, though further contouring with pectoral implants is not.

Female-to-male patients should know that the steps of the procedure involving liposuction—the surgical removal of fat cells—will have to be paid for out of pocket. Roughly $2,400 will cover all of the necessary fees, such as the fee for anaesthetics.

What Can I Expect After Chest Masculinization?

Top surgery patients typically return home the same day as their procedure, but should expect a recovery window of two to six weeks, depending on how active a lifestyle they enjoy. Healing will involve plenty of rest, and may also include the wearing of a post-operative compression binder or bandage to keep the tissues in place and minimize bruising.

Any instructions necessary for post-operative care will be clearly communicated, and Dr. Dool and his team are available to answer questions that might arise in regard to healing and recovery in the days and weeks following the surgery.

Can I See Other Patients' FTM Surgery Results?

Dr. Dool provides potential gender transition patients with before-and-after photos that show the sorts of FTM surgery results his patients have achieved with mastectomy. No patient's specific results can be duplicated on another patient, as individual body types and shapes, pre-surgery breast size, healing abilities and times, and more contribute to the ultimate look. The FTM surgery images do show the final results possible from the techniques Dr. Dool employs, giving anyone considering the surgery an idea of what he can do when it comes to top surgery.

With years of experience dedicated to breast surgery—including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction—Dr. Dool is exceptionally familiar with the anatomy of the chest and working with breasts in a range of sizes and shapes. His medical knowhow and eye for aesthetics combine for each FTM chest masculinization, allowing him to approach each side of the FTM surgery—female and male—with professionalism and authority.

Dr. Jayson Dool invites anyone who wants to start FTM surgery in New Brunswick—or who simply wants to know more about the chest masculinization procedure—to call Dool Plastic Surgery at 506-382-3665 or inquire online about a consultation.

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