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At Dool Plastic Surgery your initial consultation is designed to put you at ease, presenting you with viable breast surgery options for both the type of implant available and the placement of your incisions. You can select either a saline liquid or silicone gel filling, each of which has its own benefit. Dr. Dool will then explain incision placement options and types, each of which are designed to hide your scars in order to achieve the ideal look for you.

Perfectly Placed Incisions Provide a Natural Look for Breast enhancement in New Brunswick

Dr. Dool's expertise in performing state-of-the-art breast enlargement includes an infallible eye for the correct placement of your incision based on the aesthetic you prefer. Either of these two methods of incision can be used to successfully hide the small scars that are the result of inserting your implants:

  • Inframammary: placing the incision within the fold occurring beneath each breast.
  • Periareolar: placing the incision around the nipple.

Placing the incision either in the breast fold or around the nipple assures that scarring will be perfectly hidden beneath clothing. In each case, Dr. Dool will create beautiful results that you can be proud of.

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Placing Implants Appropriately

Once you have decided on which type of incision you prefer, placement is another factor in creating the right effect for your personal taste, needs, and body type. With the aim of creating a natural looking silhouette, Dr. Dool will make sure implant placement produces the best possible result.

  • Beneath the Pectoral Muscle: Implants are generally placed beneath the muscle when the individual is thin and has a limited amount of breast tissue above the nipple.
  • Above the Pectoral Muscle: Implants are normally placed above the pectoral muscle when they can be covered by already pre-existing breast tissue in order to properly camouflage implant contours.

Breast implant surgery is complete once the incisions are expertly closed with sutures, after which you will be on your way towards total recovery.

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