Liposuction in Moncton, New Brunswick

What is Liposuction?

Even healthy people can retain areas of excess fat. Liposuction in Moncton, New Brunswick, can help you slim down, tighten up, or just help you fit better into your clothes. Dr. Jayson Dool uses this fat reduction procedure to improve your proportions and tighten your problem areas.

Liposuction Benefits

Quite simply, liposuction involves the removal of localized deposits of fat. It can be performed on numerous parts of the body, depending on the patient’s needs and goals. Liposuction surgery targets specific areas of the body, improving your contour by:

  • Flattening the abdomen by eliminating a "pooch".
  • Bringing in the waistline by tightening the flanks and lower back.
  • Reducing the circumference of the thighs or upper arms.
  • Creating definition in the face and neck.
  • Improving the proportions of the calves and ankles.
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How Does Liposuction Work?

Dr. Dool will examine your body during your consultation and ask you about your goals for cosmetic surgery. The two of you will work together to form a detailed surgery plan that will best meet your needs. Dr. Dool will determine which areas of your body will benefit most from fat removal.

Liposuction begins with anesthesia; you will receive either IV sedation or general anesthesia. This step will prevent discomfort during your procedure. Dr. Dool performs liposuction on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home the day of your procedure.

Dr. Dool will then make a small incision in the area of your body where the surgery will take place. After injecting a sterile liquid called tumescent fluid into the surgery site to minimize bleeding and bruising, he will insert a small tube called a cannula into the incision. The cannula will be connected to a suction device. Dr. Dool will use a careful back-and-forth motion of the cannula to literally suck the fat out of your body. Your procedure may require only one incision, or it may require several. This will vary with the parts of your body where you desire fat removal and the amount of fat Dr. Dool must remove.

Liposuction can involve a number of specific advanced techniques. At your consultation, Dr. Dool will discuss the methods that may work best to serve your needs.

Liposuction Recovery

Dr. Dool will send you home from your surgery with a compression garment, which will preserve your newly improved contour as you recover. In most cases, Dr. Dool places drains at the surgery site(s) to reduce fluid accumulation. You will return to our office after a few days to have your drains removed.

You will experience some soreness and swelling in the days following your procedure. Some patients will also experience bruising. Dr. Dool can minimize pain by prescribing medication.

As you heal, you will develop scars at the sites of your incisions, which will fade over time. Dr. Dool makes every effort to make these incisions in places where clothing or natural folds of the body will obscure them.

Your swelling will dissipate gradually throughout the next few weeks and, in some cases, months. Once the swelling subsides, you will notice your final results. Liposuction results can last for several years and often a lifetime for patients who maintain a steady weight by engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Liposuction Safety & Risks

Like all surgical procedures, liposuction carries a degree of risk. Possible complications include bleeding, swelling, infection, and wound opening, as well as the usual risks related to anesthesia. In rare cases, patients can experience skin adhesion that can lead to excess scarring. Dr. Dool will make every effort to ensure your safety and provide smooth, natural-looking results.

Complementary Procedures to Liposuction

Many patients choose to combine liposuction with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to eliminate skin laxity in the abdominal area. Liposuction can also complement the results of a breast lift or face lift by removing excess fat in surrounding areas.

Liposuction Fees

Many of Dr. Dool’s patients have questions about liposuction prices. The cost of your procedure at our Moncton office will vary depending on your anesthesia and the amount of fat you would like removed, as well as the areas of your body where you desire fat removal. In general, liposuction ranges in cost from $1500 t0 $5000 or more.

Are you interested in discussing cosmetic surgery with Dr. Jayson Dool? Request your consultation today or call our office at 506-382-3665.

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