Gender Affirming Surgery

To thine own self be true. -Act 1 Scene 3 Hamlet

Dr. Dool will discuss the Gender Affirming surgery options during a consultation, guiding each patient toward the ideal chest masculinisation surgery procedure.

  • Peri-areolar or Keyhole Mastectomy

    Glandular tissue is removed via a small incision along the bottom edge of the areola. This can only be done on patients with small breasts (A or B) cups.

  • Standard Double Cut with Nipple Grafts

    The scars appear to follow the pectoralis major muscle and patients have the option of having the procedure with or without nipple grafts. This is the most common type of chest masculinization and is best for individuals with larger breasts.

  • Modified Double Cut

    The scars appear to follow the pectoralis major muscle, but the nipples are left intact and only the excess skin below the nipples is removed. This technique is only offered when the breasts are too big for a keyhole technique but not so big that they need the standard double cut with nipple grafting.

  • Circumareolar

    Glandular tissue is removed and the skin around the areola is tightened, allowing the scar to be hidden along the border of the areola. The breasts must also be small for this technique.
    It should not take much time, or do let me know if you are busy with any other project.